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#UsapTayo is a regular tweetchat happening every zero of the month (every 10th, 20th, 30th) that aims to ZERO the suicide cases and stigma against mental health. We talk about everything from the lived experiences of people with mental ill-health and the impacts of current events on our mental wellness.

Join the tweetchat by using the hashtag #UsapTayo on Twitter or check out the topics we’ve explored in the past through the archives below!

Safety First: discrimination at Philippine schools and work places

Writers: Angel Almeda, K Ballesteros Editor: K Ballesteros Researchers: Angel Almeda Creatives: Jacklyn Moral, Klein Xavier Boiser, Krystle Labio Moderators: Richardson Mojica, Marga Miñon, Eula Mei Labordo, Brigida Candelaria Spaces: Alvin Joseph Mapoy, Richardson Mojica, Azie Libanan, K Ballesteros, Roy Dahildahil According to the American Psychological Association (APA), discrimination is the

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Pinoy Leadership Style: Filipinos in the Workplace and School

Writers: Alvin Joseph Mapoy, Allana Marie Manguerra, Angelica Jane Evangelista, Marie Nicole Ingrid Lusterio, and Nel Fortes Translation: Tobey Fhar Isaac Calayo (Filipino) Researchers: Nel Fortes and Angelica Jane Evangelista Editor: Alvin Joseph Mapoy (English), Richardson Mojica (Filipino)  Graphics: Krystle Mae Labio, Klein Xavier Boiser, Jacklyn Moral Tweet Chat Moderators:

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#UsapTayo Lite: Okay lang Magpahinga: Rest is power

Rest as a concept can be defined in several ways. In an interesting analysis paper published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, Helvig, Wade and Hunter-Eades (2016) looked into the many definitions and concepts of rest— a mile or league; a distance after which one rests’ (Gothic term from 900

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Anger Control: Knowing Anger and How We Can Manage It

September 30, 2021   Writers: Jerwin Regala, Kamille Huelgas, and Rafael Reyes Researchers: Nel Fortes and Angelica Jane Evangelista Editor: K Ballesteros Graphics: Krystle Mae Labio and Jacklyn Moral Tweet Chat Moderators: Eula Mae Labordo, Marga Miñon, Jomari Gimongala, and Angelica Jane Evangelista Documentation: Ian Stephen Velez Spaces Moderators: Alvin

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Woke Up Like This: about the Filipino experience of sleep problems

September 20, 2021 Writers: K Ballesteros, Gie Lenna Dela Peña, Kamille Huelgas Translation: Tobey Calayo Editor: K Ballesteros Researchers: Jerwin Regala, Kamille Huelgas, Nel Fortes Creatives: Krystle Mae Labio, Jacklyn Moral, Klein Xavier Boiser Moderators: Eula Mei Labordo, Marc John Paul Agbuya Documenters: Kamille Huelgas, Ian Stephen Velez Spaces: Richardson

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