#UsapTayo is a regular tweetchat happening every zero of the month (every 10th, 20th, 30th) that aims to ZERO the suicide cases and stigma against mental health. We talk about everything from the lived experiences of people with mental ill-health and the impacts of current events on our mental wellness.

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Psychological Safety in Virtual Environments

20 September 2023 Researcher and Writer: Tobey Calayo  Reviewer: Azie Libanan Editor: Kyra Ballesteros  Moderator: Tobey Calayo Graphic Artist: Jia Moral In the virtual space, boundaries, time, and professional or social persona always come into play; recent years have proven that social networking sites can be a tool for productivity

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#UsapTayo for World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) 2023 #WSPD2023

10 September 2023 Researcher and Writer: Tobey Calayo Reviewer: Azie Marie Liban, AJ Mapoy Editor: Kyra, RS Mojica Moderator: Tobey Calayo, Pat Sevilla, Marian Apostol, DG Ramos Graphic Artist: Jia Moral, Krystle Labio, Brigida Candelaria, Mitz Sabellano    The Owl and the Chimpanzee In Jo Camacho’s literature, he illustrated an

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Reframing Speech to Empower Safe Spaces 

30 August 2023  Researcher and Writer: Tobey Fhar Isaac B. Calayo Reviewer: Azie Marie Liban Editor: K Ballesteros    Moderator: Tobey Fhar Isaac B. Calayo Graphic Artists: Jia Moral, Ian Stephen Velez Reframing one’s speech requires understanding language – how it is formed and how people use it.  Stigma is

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Befriending Grief: #UsapTayo for Grief Awareness Day

20 August 2023  Written by: K Ballesteros Graphics: Jia Moral As Filipinos, we live with loss and bereavement, especially as we deal with various natural disasters. The grief that greets us at different points in our life can be a difficult and uncomfortable emotion that everyone must handle differently. Whenever

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#UsapTayo Lite: Ready ka na ba for school?

Writer: Azie Marie Liban Editor: Kyra Ballesteros Graphics: Emil James Los Baños The Department of Education has just released DepEd Order No. 022, series of 2023, which sets August 29 as a day  for schools in the Philippines to formally open. The school year is expected to end on June

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Limit Break: Eustress and Perseverance

Writers: Rafael Reyes Researcher: Rafael Reyes Graphics: Jia Moral, Krystle Mae Labio Challenges in life are as natural as breathing air. Throughout history, there are countless stories of valiant people who take a brave leap across the hurdles that they face. Their stories and struggles differ in many ways, but

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  Writers: Abby Alvarado, Addy Alvarado Researcher: Abby Alvarado, Addy Alvarado Editor: Christopher Jan Dumaguin Graphics: Krystel Mae Labio, Jia Moral, Richardson Mojica   During College College life can take us to the complete experience of ourselves; we will experience having the duty of taking care of our own life,

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Identity and Representation: The Power of Preferred Pronouns

July 10, 2023 Writer: Rafael Reyes Researcher: Rafael Reyes Graphics: Jia Moral, Bill Fuentes Words play a significant role in expressing one’s identity and thoughts. As an individual, we resonate with specific words—nouns and adjectives that best encapsulates who we are and what we think. The same goes to our

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