Our Campaigns


The core of our campaigns lies in giving faces and voices to those experiencing mental health concerns—from struggling with the reality of mental ill-health, to the stigma of needing and seeking help, as well as supporting the people they love.

Online Campaigns

Inspiring stories, Twitter discussions, and videos

We use online tools like social media networks, livestreams, and our own website’s platform to share valuable resources.

The internet’s speed, accessibility, and self-paced nature allows us to reach Filipinos who would otherwise be excluded by the time-based, limited, and expensive nature of offline events.

On-Ground Campaigns

Live events at workplaces, schools, and physical spaces

We work on-ground by hosting and facilitating workshops, talks, and seminars to provide more personal and palpable support for our communities.

In addition to complementing our online initiatives, these allow us to remain inclusive by seeing to the needs of people for whom internet connections aren’t as available.

ADUNAY #PAGLAUM, mental health professionals and advocates gather at CBTL to share and discuss the mental health landscape of Cebu
Ms. Con Lorenzo emphasizing the importance of mental health to the medical studentsat Metropolitan Medical Center
#MentalHealthPH Iloilo Team launching at Festive Walk Mall, Iloilo! Padayon mga Ilonggo!!
Sangguniang Kabataan ng La Huerta launched a Suicide Prevention and Awareness Seminar for the Katipunan ng Kabataan (KK) ng La Huerta

Onward Campaigns

Partnerships, networking, and collaboration

We aim for impact that extends onward so we design our campaigns and seek out partnerships that not only improve our results but help run them sustainably too.

Teaming up with like minded peers and organizations means that the good we do now continue to serve the people we care about, long after the instances of our campaigns have ended.

World Health Organization Philippines and Department of Health's consultation with people with lived experience for the development of the Strategic Plan of the Philippine Council for Mental Health
Plenary discussions for the development of Mental Health Investment Case to support optimizing mental health promotion and protection by World Health Organization (WHO), UNDP Philippines, and Department of Health
Stakeholder's Meeting with the Mental Health Advocacy Groups and Professional Organizations for the Crisis Hotline
#MentalHealthPH team meeting with Twitter for Policy and Philanthrophy Kara Hinesley and Lynn

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