Mental Health App

Full Title: Development and Effectiveness of Fully Automated Conversational Agents (Chatbots) for Enhancing Public Mental Health: From Pilot Study to Randomized Controlled Trial
Funder: Department of Science and Technology
Implementation: October 2021-October 2023 (2 Years)

Principal Investigator: Ronald Del Castillo, PsyD
Project Team:

Project Overview

Depression and anxiety are commonly occurring disorders linked to impaired functioning and poor quality of life. The treatment of depression and anxiety, both pharmacologically and with non-pharmacological interventions, is an important area for research. Mobile health (mhealth) technologies are increasingly being recognized as an effective means through which mental health interventions can be  disseminated in the population. However, this growth has two key limitations. First, little data are available regarding their efficacy and effectiveness. Second, with most of these apps originating from more developed countries with a more Western lens with which to conceptualize psychology and behavioral science, a much more limited data is available regarding their cultural and ethical applicability to the Filipino context. Our research is a mobile- based automated conversational agent designed to deliver psychosocial interventions. Two mobile apps will be developed, tested, and refined, culminating in a randomized controlled trial.


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Hey there, mental health champs! #MentalHealthPH is currently developing a mobile mental health app that aims to promote mental well-being and reduce psychological distress. And

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