#VoicesOfHope is a campaign that aims to empower people living with mental health problems and help fight the stigma attached to it.

By providing the mental health illness a face, a story, and a voice, we break the stigma on mental health, help and inspire others who are facing the same challenges, and improve understanding among others.

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#VoicesOfHope: Time to See the Ghost

“There are ghosts in the walls and they crawl in your head through your ear,” La Dispute’s Such Small Hands are blaring through my headphones as I shut the whole world up while they are enjoying the school Christmas party. I saw the Christmas Spirit has written all over their

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#VoicesOfHope: Following the Great Physician

I always wondered why my parents never said, “We’re proud of you!” I have never heard them say the word proud verbally. My mom sometimes posts on social media about my achievements, pero iba pa din yung sinasabihan ka ng “Proud kami sa’yo anak.” Some of my friends are professionals already,

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#VoicesOfHope: I Will Be Okay

These words have always been on the back of my old notebooks, written on the shade of the fading black tint. I sought comfort and release through scribbling. Its always been like this, overthinking about almost everything. When it’s past midnight and I couldn’t sleep, I think of all the

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#VoicesOfHope: The Courage to Try

It took me a lot of courage to admit to myself that there was a problem with my mental well-being that there was a problem with me. I realized it soon as it started to affect various aspects of my life in ways I did not notice right away. I

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#VoicesOfHope: Finding A Way Through

The Beginning 11 years old. If I had to pinpoint the time when I began noticing what I would later on find out were symptoms of Bipolar 1 and Social Anxiety Disorder, I’d say it was around that age. At that time, of course, I did not have the right

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#VoicesOfHope: The Mind’s Cancer

Hello Friend, Call me Katherine. I will be turning 23 years old soon, but to be honest, I wish I won’t. I believe I don’t deserve to live. I have been battling my mental illness since I was in high school, until now that I am an adult with a

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