#VoicesOfHope is a campaign that aims to empower people living with mental health problems and help fight the stigma attached to it.

By providing the mental health illness a face, a story, and a voice, we break the stigma on mental health, help and inspire others who are facing the same challenges, and improve understanding among others.

#VoicesOfHope: Inhale Hope, Exhale Despair

I was born on Independence Day, a day of freedom for the rest of the Filipinos, yet ironically I spend years wondering when I would be free – from pains, insecurities, worries, and fears. I was an achiever growing up. On the outside, everything seemed smooth and perfect. I excelled

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#VoicesOfHope: Turning Tables

[Trigger Warnings: Bullying, Death threats, Hate messages] High school is supposed to be the best years of your life, but that wasn’t always the case for me. Throughout high school, I received hate messages and death threats on a daily basis. Surprisingly, even my teachers jumped in and gossiped about

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#VoicesOfHope: Meant for Me

This is a heartbreak story. No, not the kind of story that you’re thinking of. For most people, a failed romance is the one that hurts the most but mine was a lost friendship. Let me start from the beginning. Six years ago, in high school, I met someone that

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#VoicesOfHope: The Forbidden Past

  Our parents made sure that we were raised with manners and discipline. We were punished for committing mistakes and breaking the rules by my father. My fear and feelings of inferiority then emerged at a young age. With this, I had to keep secrets from my family such as

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#VoicesOfHope: He saved my life twice

[TRIGGER WARNING: This post discusses suicidal feelings and attempts of self-harm] Hi, I just wanna share this story of mine and how I overcome depression and anxiety and how God saved my life. My dad left before I was even born and disown me as his daughter, my mom? She

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#VoicesOfHope: Following the Great Physician

I always wondered why my parents never said “we’re proud of you.” I had never heard them say the word “proud.” Sure, my mom sometimes posted on social media about my achievements pero iba padin yung masabihan ka ng “proud kami sa’yo, anak.” Some of my friends had become professionals

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#VoicesOfHope: Time to See the Ghost

“There are ghosts in the walls and they crawl in your head through your ear,” La Dispute’s Such Small Hands are blaring through my headphones as I shut the whole world up while they are enjoying the school Christmas party. I saw the Christmas Spirit has written all over their

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