#UsapTayo is a regular tweetchat happening every zero of the month (every 10th, 20th, 30th) that aims to ZERO the suicide cases and stigma against mental health. We talk about everything from the lived experiences of people with mental ill-health and the impacts of current events on our mental wellness.

Join the tweetchat by using the hashtag #UsapTayo on Twitter or check out the topics we’ve explored in the past through the archives below!

Pets and Mental Health

August 30, 2022 Writers and Researchers: Raven Gavino and Christopher Jan Dumaguin Editor: Rafael Reyes, Richardson dR Mojica Peer Reviewer: Alvin Joseph Mapoy Graphics: Mitz Sabellano, Sarah Mondoy, Krystle Mae Labio Tweetchat Moderators: Christine Joy Salva Cruz, Aiah Osana, Marian Lorrice Apostol, Pat Sevilla Space Moderators: Azie Marie Liban, Billie

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Philippine Literature and Mental Health

August 20, 2022 Writers/ Researchers: Rafael Reyes, Jasmin Cyrille Tecson Editor: K Ballesteros Peer Reviewer: Azie Marie Liban, Richardson dR Mojica Graphics: Billie Fuentes, Jacklyn Moral, Krystle Mae Labio Tweetchat Moderators: Gie Leanna Dela Pena, DG Ramos Patricia Sevilla  Space Moderators: Azie Marie Liban, Billie Fuentes, Lemuel Gallogo   “Crispin!

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ABC (MH) = A Back to Classroom (Mental Health)

August 10, 2022 Writers: Marie Nicole Ingrid Lusterio and Christopher Jan Dumaguin Researcher: Marie Nicole Ingrid Lusterio Editor: Alvin Joseph Mapoy Peer Reviewer: Jake Lester Villanueva Graphics: Sarah Mondoy, Krystle Mae Labio, Jacklyn Moral Tweetchat Moderators: Tobey Fhar Isaac Calayo, DG Ramos, Aiah Osano, Marian Lorrice Apostol Spaces Moderators: Jake

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Go, Grow, and Flourish: How to glow from inside out.

July 30, 2022 Writer: Azie Libanan Editor: K Ballesteros Creatives: Jacklyn Moral, Krystle Mae Labio “To flourish is to find fulfillment in our lives, accomplishing meaningful and worthwhile tasks, and connecting with others at a deeper level—in essence, living the “good life” (Seligman, 2011).” Fairly recently, while we were all

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Growing Your Relationships

July 20, 2022 Writer and Researcher: K Ballesteros Editor: Richardson dR Mojica Graphics: Krystle Mae Labio and Jacklyn Moral Tweetchat Moderators: Christine Joy Salva Cruz, Aiah Osano, Maria Lorrice Apostol Twitter Spaces: Richardson Mojica, Azie Marie Libanan, Alvin Joseph Mapoy, Jake Lester Villanueva, Billie Fuentes While individual needs and experiences will naturally shift

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Go for your Goals!

July 10, 2022 Writer: AJ Mapoy Editor: Richardson Mojica Graphics: Krystle Mae Labio, Jacklyn Moral Moderators: Marc John Paul Agbuya & Raven Gavino  The midyear blues is still ongoing. Did you get through half of your new year’s resolution list? If not, it’s time for you to re-align your goals!

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Recommended Reading

Advocacies Live, Here

April 8, 2021   Writer: K Ballesteros Researchers: Angelica Jane Evangelista, Azie Marie Libanan, Alvin Joseph Mapoy Creatives: Bee Fukumoto,