#UsapTayo is a regular tweetchat happening every zero of the month (every 10th, 20th, 30th) that aims to ZERO the suicide cases and stigma against mental health. We talk about everything from the lived experiences of people with mental ill-health and the impacts of current events on our mental wellness.

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Identity and Representation: The Power of Preferred Pronouns

July 10, 2023 Writer: Rafael Reyes Researcher: Rafael Reyes Graphics: Jia Moral, Bill Fuentes Words play a significant role in expressing one’s identity and thoughts. As an individual, we resonate with specific words—nouns and adjectives that best encapsulates who we are and what we think. The same goes to our

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Celebrating Your Safe People

Writers: Abby Alvarado, Addy Alvarado Researcher: Abby Alvarado, Addy Alvarado Editor: Rafael Reyes Graphics: Jia Moral  Tweetchat Moderators: Christine Joy Salvacruz, Marianne Apostol, Aiah Osano  As humans, it is undebatable that in our own ways, we are flawed. It has become our lifelong mission to find people who will acknowledge our scars,

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Suicide Prevention 101: #CheckTheSigns and Save a Life

April 10, 2023 Writer: Nikki LizarondoResearcher: Nikki LizarondoPeer Review: Jasmin Cyrille TecsonGraphics: Jia Moral, Krystle Labio           In a recently published article from Inquirer entitled, “Mental health crisis: 404 student suicides in 2021-22,”  it was reported that 404 young students in various parts of the country died by suicide, and 2,147 others attempted to end

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Bullying and Violence in School

March 30, 2023 Writers: Christopher Jan R. Dumaguin, Rafael Reyes, Richardson dR Mojica Researcher: Christopher Jan R. Dumaguin, Rafael Reyes Editor:  K Ballesteros Graphics: Jacklyn Moral   “Normalized” Culture of Bullying and Violence in the Philippines  While no one can deny the importance of parenting, school, counseling, and other efforts

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The Serotonin of Life: Decoding Happiness and Mental Health

March 20. 2023 Writer: Jasmin Cyrille Researcher: Jasmin Cyrille Editor: K Ballesteros Graphics: Jacklyn Moral, Sarah Mondoy Tweetchat Moderators: Marc john Paul Agbuya, Tobey Fhar Isaac Calayo Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness every March 20th as a way to recognize and celebrate happiness as

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Unrequited Love and Unconditional Love

Writer/ Researcher: Rafael Reyes Graphics: Jia Moral, Sarah Mondoy, Mitzy Sabellano Tweetchat Moderator: Marian Lorrice Apostol  Love is the most complicated topic we as a civilization have tried to make sense of. It defies reason and tradition, yet appears to be “right” [1]. It transcends norms and evolves beyond the

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