#VoicesOfHope is a campaign that aims to empower people living with mental health problems and help fight the stigma attached to it.

By providing the mental health illness a face, a story, and a voice, we break the stigma on mental health, help and inspire others who are facing the same challenges, and improve understanding among others.

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#Voices of Hope: The Dark Shadows

My name is Megan. I’m 22 years old. I’ve been living with Bipolar 2 disorder for ten years. I was raised by a young and extremely disciplinarian tiger mom, and a colder-than-ice dad in an upper middle class household. I have an elder sister and I’m the youngest. I grew

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#VoicesOfHope: My Adventure of Life

I was already suicidal before I became mentally unstable. I was nine years old, when I began to develop a fascination for death and suicide. I heard a lot about deaths–from news reports and those of my parents’ friends; exposure to them contributed a lot to this fascination. I thought

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#VoicesOfHope: Aw’s Journey Toward Recovery

To be a nurse is a noble job, but there are not many good opportunities for practicing nurses in the Philippines, and because of this, I had to leave the country, work overseas, and bear being away from my family. My anxiety and depression started when I left for Saudi

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#VoicesOfHope: Depressed But Still Here

As I write this, there are some apprehensions going through my mind: What would my friends say? Things might get awkward. People might think I am crazy. But then I thought, people’s reactions or opinions do not define who I am. Despite being aware that I am outspoken, I do

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