An appreciation to our Workers


May 10, 2024


Writers/ Researchers: Jossa Corpuz and Kevin Miko Buac
Moderators: Richardson Mojica and Christine Joy Salvacruz
Graphics: Loiusse Gerard Ancheta


            We celebrated Labor Day last May 1. Some employees spend the entire day at home because they deserve to rest, but there are still workers out there who continue to work because they are required to do so. Under the sun, on a worker’s holiday.

According to GMA Integrated News, at least 44 areas in the country are at the danger level and are being monitored by the state weather bureau (1). Some people may complain about the hot temperature, but some have the privilege of staying at home and pampering themselves with the cold breeze of air-condition. Little did we know, there are workers out there who don’t have a choice but to work under the heat of the sun. With that too much effort, blue-collar job workers in our country aren’t given enough compensation because their skills were not developed by a formal pattern of educational background, and there’s a lot of supply of blue-collar job workers that made them replaceable (2). Furthermore, the nature of their work entails persistently high physical demands (3), which can be a risk factor in the development of depression and anxiety (4).

If we try to imagine that field is so tiring, they continue to do their job not just because it feeds their family but also because that’s what they love to do. We can see them struggle but they will face us with a genuine smile; It seems like they were never tired. Respect and a whole bunch of Kindness is what they deserve, as they are working outside their comfort zone just to provide us the service that can make us comfortable in the short or long term. 



Session Questions

  1. How does this hot season affect the mental health of our blue-collar job workers?
  2. Do you think Blue-collar job workers deserve additional compensation during this hot season? Why?
  3. If there’s one thing you can do, what act of kindness can make our Blue-collar job workers feel grateful? 



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